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Some of my colleagues are asking about how to share content on the web. Here are my thoughts:

The Cloud

Best for storing the documents you want to have with you wherever you go. Most of these options also have a public folder to share what you have.

This is a great tool that can be used on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, as well as on most desktop operating systems, including Windows, Apple, and Linux. The free account comes with 2GB of storage, but if you invite others to use the service using a link they provide, you can get up to 8GB of storage in 250MB for each account created from that link. Do you need an account? Use my link :) is another great service similar to DropBox, but you only get 1GB of storage space.

Google Docs now lets you save a variety of files, up to 1GB of free space. The great thing about Google Docs is that if you upload documents, spreadsheets, or presentations and convert them to Google Docs, they don't count against this storage space.

Microsoft Live gives you 25GB of storage space for free, but the interface is a bit complicated. It's worth figuring out if you need lots of free space.

Quick and Easy Shares

If all you need to do is to easily share large files, there are great places for that. Most of these are intended as temporary shares. is a simple, easy, drag and drop site that will take just about any file type. Files can be 25mb in size. This tool has built in players for media, PDF files, and documents. Like Dropbox, there are applications for the desktop for Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as mobile devices like iPhone, Android, and soon even Blackberry. This looks like a very useful tool. You don't even need an account to use, but with an account, you have access to many more tools.

Let's Crate is another easy, drag and drop file storage site. The free account lets you upload a file up to 50mb in size, but the total limit is 200 mb. This is great site for temporary files that are better to share via the cloud than via email.

Troovi is a temporary photo storage site, where a collection of up to 500 photos can be uploaded and shared. Photos are removed is there is inactivity for 30 days. No sign in is required. This is only intended for temporary storage, but is a great way to share a collection of photos.



Since YouTube is blocked for our students, other sites are better to share videos.

Vimeo is a wonderful video sharing site. The interface is easy to use, with social tools for creating a community of learners. They even have tutorials for creating better videos:


iPadio - Besides the sites above, the site I prefer for audio sharing is iPadio. After the initial setup, audio can be added via cellphone via a toll-free number. If you have created .mp3 files that you want to share in your account, those can be uploaded via the web-based application. The bonus of this site is that it creates an automatic podcast which can be published to iTunesĀ  with a simple click of a button.

Presentation Slides

Do you want to share your presentation slides with students, parents, and colleagues? There are many great tools to do this.

Google Docs - allows you to upload existing presentations or create one with the Google Docs tools. These presentations can be shared via url or embedded in other sites.

SlideShare - is a social site to upload and share presentations.

There are many other sites that allow you to upload and share presentations, but the ones above work great.

Most every one of the sites above allow you to share via a web address or by adding an embed code to a site. Sharing creative content is now so easy and most of the time, it can be done for free.

For more resources on storage, check out my Delicious links tagged "storage":

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