iPadio and Writer’s Workshop

We finished our first Writer's Workshop personal expository pieces on Friday. Woohoo! Out of 23 students, 10 were able to get them into digital form and published on their Google Docs and shared with me. It's a great way to really get insight into what needs to be learned next time around, since I can make comments and notes as to what was strong, and what needs to be worked on - all in one place. I plan to have a publishing party on Wednesday.
I've published the digital stories to Apple's Pages, so we can make an e-book for students to download to their devices. Also students will be able to copy and paste their digital text to their blogs, so they can publish their work for parents and others to comment on. However, what about those students who didn't have enough time to create digital text of their writing pieces? I have a solution!
I love iPadio http://ipadio.com! iPadio to the rescue! IPadio not only lets students record their voices using a cell phone or an iPod touch, but it also automatically transcribes the audio into digital text! This service has two advantages. First, students will get immediate feedback on their writing by listening to themselves read their text. (There are many words left out or tenses not agreeing in my mostly ELD class.) Additionally, they will have digital text that they can copy and paste into a Google Doc, edit, and share with me. We can then include all students in our ePub ebook edition and students can publish their "writing" on their blog! As an added bonus, I'm going to have all students record their writing via iPadio so we can have not only a digital copy of their writing, but also include an audio recording in our classroom podcast. I can't wait!
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  1. Wow! This post is just what I was looking for! We are going to start Writer’s Workshop next school year, and I was wondering about how technology would fit in to the process.

    You’ve given me some great ideas to talk about with the teachers I work with. Many thanks.

  2. Janice Stearns says:

    Glad to share and know it might help others. Thanks! I’ll post the results soon.

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